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PC Very careless move at the start of the race

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Mar 6, 2017
Platform + League: PC, AOR GT3 Tier2 Season 13, Barcelona
League Coordinator: @VoodooChild
Date: 19.06.2019
Members Involved: @D.Brezancic @AllMightBaby
I expected simple sorry from driver caused that mess, but I didnt get it so we are here. Nothing much to describe, video below shows clearly an totally careless and very bad move near the start of the race. @AllMightBaby turn left into me, which forced me to go out of track and lost control of the car. After that a two or more cars behind approach with no chance to avoid collision, so it was a real mess at start with damage of 4-5 drivers. It forced me to go to pit stop at the first lap to repair damage loosing a valuable time.



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Jan 23, 2019
Not sure if I'm allowed to post.

I was also involved, though in the aftermath of the crash (car back on track, unable to evade because of a car on the inside) but I have a viewpoint from the rear, if that would help get to the bottom of the investigation.
- 0:06 to 0:30


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Jun 13, 2019
all the drivers involved in this crash are allowed to post their PoV

@mbkmsi @Pitti @Milogamer1986 @Nila (not sure if i missed anyone)
you can see me pretty well in dr. greens pov - yellow lambo #93 to his front/right. Don't have the time to post my POV unfortunately :/

as you can see I braked and tried to avoid everyone pretty quickly, but to no avail..

also as mentioned before I had pretty severe damage (i think around 30-40 to front bumper and suspension which made the car very bad t handle..) and had to pit in lap1. Took me about 1 minute from pit entry to pit exit.

very sad to see after the race, that I had top-10 pace :(
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Jan 25, 2014
After reviewing the evidence the stewards have decided to give @AllMightBaby an 20 second time penalty + 15 penalty points for major avoidable collision.
Because the driver didn't finish the race, the 20 seconds time penalty will be turned into a qualifying ban for the next race where an qualifying session is planned.

@D.Brezancic @VoodooChild @AllMightBaby
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