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Wildcard System Information

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Sep 30, 2014

This season we will use a new feature to the leagues when we are starting a 2 tier system. You as a driver can be selcted by a team leader for one of the top tier teams to drive in their team for a maximum of 2 rallies. The team leader decides who he wants as a wildcard for his team and for which rally and it is the team leader that can at any point during the season message a driver from the second to join his team for a rally. As a tier 2 driver you can either accept this offer or reject it of your liking but if you recieve such an offer you can race in both the second tier and the top tier for that rally.*

To even be considered to receive an offer you must obviously impress the team leaders so that they will consider you but you also need to have either a 'Super Rally Licence' already or have finished at least 2 rallies within any season the the AOR Rally league. The team leaders can pick two wildcards across the season** at maximum but you as a driver are only eligible to drive for one team in the top tier per season so think carefully who you sign for.

How this will affect a team's point scoring for that rally is the same as every other rally. The top 3 of the team score the points to the team and it does not matter if it is one of the main drivers or the wildcard who is in the top 3 within the team that rally.

Each wildcard running for any team will need to be announced before the start of the rally in question, otherwise their result will be void.

*The rule states that you need to drive at least one rally, either in the second tier, the top tier or both that week.

**The team leader can not have two wildcards at the same rally at once.