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Hello Haico,
exodium passed me trough and said you can attach me to a league. I'm driving 100 AI with no assits
Hallo exodium,
gibt es in den Ligen noch Plätze(da sie schon angefangen haben) und wie werde ich dann zugeteilt? ich fahre ohne Assists und durchnittlich KI 100.
Dange im Vorraus,
Hi pal, missing you and missing racing behind you
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Was good to see your name on the ACC interest thread! Where have you been?!
Changed my house with a new one and was having many problems with internet connection, but now I've got a good one 'hope so'
Iam gonna join a new league that will start tonight called NXTGEN league till AOR Starts a new one. Hope to race with you soon pal ☺️
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you did wave for defending twice...nurburgrinng last or pre last lap... and now. it looks very danger on my minde. you can return after attack..but i put leg from trottle cuz i thinked that i was near of crash. on nurburgring you chose right side for defending. but started to steer to the left little and i put leg from trottle....it is unfair. i wount report this. just informing you.